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The Hawk – Battlesbridge, Essex

The Hawk – Battlesbridge, Essex

Date: Sunday 30th June 2019. 
Time: 14:45
Venue: The Hawk, Battlesbridge, Essex.


BAKED CAMEMBERT topped with roasted seeds, with rustic toast and a spiced fruit & sloe gin chutney (v)

ROAST LAMB RUMP with stuffing wrapped in bacon 

ROAST BEEF with coarse-grain mustard seasoning

MELTING CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BOMB filled with sticky toffee pudding and peanut butter cream. Served with Bourbon vanilla ice cream & hot salted caramel sauce (v)

VANILLA CRÈME BRÛLÉE served with home-baked sultana & oatmeal biscuits (v)


Our restaurant PR reviewers went to the Hawk for Sunday lunch. Absolutely starving due to eating nothing since breakfast but enjoying the great British summer we opted to sit outside, selecting our meals from the Sunday Roast Menu.

The venue itself is very nice and the little things have been considered. The service was excellent and the waiter could not have been more attentive if he had tried.

We quickly chose what we wanted and placed our order; the menu is extensive and there is something for everyone. We did request both the lamb and beef pink and the waiter quickly told us this wouldn’t be possible. Disappointing but no big deal.

The Meal

The Camembert came out within 5 minutes of ordering. It was well presented with a sprig of rosemary. The cheese was cooked through and was delicious, gooey and soft. The bread selection with the cheese was fresh, soft to touch and tasty. The chutney that came with the cheese was quite heavily spiced but was very nice. As a course, it was excellent.

Almost as immediately as our starter was taken away, our mains arrived. We are both massive lovers of a Sunday roasts, hence why we have reviewed a few, but this wasn’t impressive.

As you can see from the image the potatoes, arguably the best part of a roast, were black. They were untraditional roasties as they were just whole peeled potatoes. The texture was nothing short of bizarre, burnt on the outside and deflated in the middle. How could this be so wrong?

The vegetable medley was very nice. A combination of beetroot, green cabbage, leeks and peas. This was well cooked and seasoned. It tasted lovely.

The Yorkshire pudding was good in terms of size and texture but unfortunately was cold. I’m not marketing down on this though as they do get chilly quick.

The lamb and beef were both okay. They were not impressive but average on both accounts. It’s very hard to describe a ‘meh’ piece of food but unfortunately this was exactly that.

The crème Brulee was in a vintage teacup with two cookies. It was creamy, well-cooked and tasted fantastic.

The chocolate and peanut bomb was an A* for presentation. So much so someone on another table came to ask what we had. It also tasted excellent. The contract of hot and cold was great and the sauce was thick and well flavoured.

Three words to describe this meal – Ups and Downs

Would you recommend to a friend – I really do not know. The mains and desserts absolutely, but the main meal was nothing short of lazy and disappointing. It felt mass produced, which I know it is to some extent as it has to be but come on, it is not hard to cut some potatoes in half and par boil them!  

Would I go back? If they could promise a decent main meal 100%. Its a shame because had the roast been of any quality the score they received would be on par with the roast we had at the Galvin Green Man. For £40 a head it should have been fantastic value but it just wasnt due to the terrible main. We left feeling disappointed and confused. How could some courses be so good and others worthy of a cheap carvery?

Service 9/10 
Venue 7/10 
Value for money 5/10 
Quality of produce ?/10 I honestly couldnt tell because of the poor main. One of the potatoes had a hole in the middle, which, if they were prepared properly, would never have left the kitchen.
Presentation 8/10 
Taste 4.5/10 This would have been so high if the main wasnt substandard.
Wait time 9/10 

Overall score 6/10

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