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Silent Pool Gin and FeverTree Clementine Tonic Review

Silent Pool Gin and FeverTree Clementine Tonic Review

As an office of gin drinkers, our alcohol marketing team simply couldn’t go without a review.

For quality control purposes, we tested both the gin and the tonic separately with other components.

I have a collection of around 40 gins. Silent Pool is one of my favourites. The bottle alone is really attractive. A beautiful colour, heavy and the graphics are great.

The gin itself is delicately flavoured and easy to drink. It contains a high number of botanicals, which for a British gin is not particularly common.

Drunk neat the gin itself is almost sweet and floral. With the tonic added, it becomes fuller and almost bitter to finish, but in a good way. It screams for citrus which is why we chose this FeverTree tonic. FeverTree is one of our favourites but this bottle was new for me.

Unfortunately, this tonic is a limited edition, which I’m really disappointed about as it was beautiful. It really is refreshing and although it works well with a number of tonics it pairs wonderfully with Silent Pool.

FeverTree themselves suggested pairing with Ophir gin, which I do have a bottle of and did work well, but in my humble opinion the Silent Pool worked better. For me anyhow.

Admittedly it’s a little wintery but I’m not going to let that put me off. I think this is because there is a hint of cinnamon in the tonic. Expect a sweet, spiced flavour.

We made our gin and tonics with the two aforementioned components, a sprig of rosemary and blood orange.

Food wise; I would be tempted to eat this with some smoked salmon or perhaps a light dessert.

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