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Hotel Marketing in Essex

Hotel Marketing in Essex

The UK hotel industry has an estimated worth of approximately £20 billion. The market is incredibly saturated, so boutique and chain hotels must both consistently battle on price and customer experience in order to be successful. By using a local strategy based around your county, you will have more success in reaching and engaging your target audience.

Having a strong hotel marketing strategy can be difficult. Thanks to the rise of social media marketing, standing out from the crowds is harder than ever. But there’s more to hotel marketing than taking pretty pictures. With this in mind; the team here at VB Hospitality, hotel marketing in Essex, have listed some effective ways to ensure your hotel is reaching the right audience.

Hotel SEO

SEO is by far one of the most effective ways to be found by your target audience. Here at VB Hospitality we always opt for an organic approach when it comes to hotel SEO. This will achieve longer-lasting results and trust from the target audience. Optimising your website should not be a one-time job. Instead, it should be an ongoing project. Ensuring that the websites’ load speed is good; as well as compressing any images and videos on the site are just some of the ways you can begin to improve your hotel SEO.

Booking Platforms

Utilising platforms such as booking.com and Airbnb means that more people are likely to find your hotel when looking for somewhere to stay in your local area. You should really invest your time into creating a great stand out profile on these platforms. You need to grab your audience’s attention with great images and copy that transports them to your hotel.

Hospitality Social Media Marketing

With social media being the number one-way people absorb content; it is vital that your hotel has a strong social media presence. Creating an online community on social media is a great way to have people spread the word for you by sharing your content. Showcasing your unique selling points of your hotel with dynamic images and written content will give people a taste of what your establishment has to offer.

If you are looking to reach your target audience and receive more bookings for your hotel then contact our friendly, professional team here at VB Hospitality; hotel marketing Essex.

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