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Statistics To Keep in Mind For Luxury Travel Campaigns

Statistics To Keep in Mind For Luxury Travel Campaigns

The luxury travel sector has been greatly impacted by the growth of digital platforms; especially since the shift to mobile devices. The digital world is forever changing, which means hospitality marketers are having to become creative to keep up with current trends.

When it comes to hospitality marketing, there are a lot of statistics available to help guide your campaigns and increase your ROI. With this in mind, here’s VB Hospitality’s top statistics to ensure your luxury travel marketing campaigns get off to a flying start.

Younger Travellers Start With Search Engines.

Search engines are now incredibly important to consumers. In fact, 63% of travellers now turn to Google to plan their trip. Search engines are incredibly important to the younger generation, with Gen Z and millennials using them as their primary source for trip planning.

Smartphones Are Important, But Desktops Still Matter.

While smartphones are owned by almost all consumers, desktop computers are still vital to luxury travel marketing campaigns. According to social media today, 76% of people use a desktop computer to search for travel accommodation, as opposed to 24% of mobile users.

Visual Content Is Essential.

You wouldn’t book a hotel without seeing what it looks like. The same applies to your hospitality social media marketing campaigns. Statistics show that 30% of consumers look at social media before making a booking; with the most influential platforms for travel content being Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

Loyalty Members Matters.

It’s no secret that customers are incredibly fickle when it comes to brand allegiance. However, loyalty programs can be invaluable to luxury travel brands. 55% of members revealed that their program membership influences their travel decisions.

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