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Wedding Venue Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue

Wedding Venue Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue

Wedding season is finally here, with the next few months full of gorgeous dresses, amazing food and some spectacular venues.

Attracting more wedding bookings to your venue can be challenging. When it comes to marketing your wedding venue, it’s important to stand out to prospective couples and sell the fairy tale dream.

Here are three ways VB Hospitality, Essex hospitality PR agency, can utilise hospitality marketing to increase your wedding venue revenue.

Social Media

According to Social Media Today, people now spend up to nine hours a day on social media platforms, which makes it an effective way to advertise your wedding venue. Posting regularly about your wedding venue can help sell the dream to couples.

Whether it’s images of the grounds or updating the menu on your Instagram stories, social media is a great way to promote your business to your target audience. For a wedding venue to increase its revenue, it’s vital to invest in a hospitality social media marketing strategy.


Did you know that 53% of mobile phone users abandon sites that take over three seconds to load? A slow website doesn’t just cause people to leave your website, it can also affect your SEO ranking. Without a responsive website, your bounce rate will increase, and your Google search ranking will decrease.

To improve this, and increase your revenue, make sure you invest in a hospitality SEO team; who can ensure your website works to its full potential and increases to the top of the search engines.


If there’s one thing prospective weddings couples love, it’s inspiration for their own special day. Fun and informative content marketing can be great for promoting your wedding venue and attracting wedding parties. What’s more, it’s a great initiative for your hospitality SEO strategy.

When it comes to marketing your wedding venue, it’s important to think outside the box in order to increase revenue. But finding the time to come up with a results-driven plan can be difficult.

VB Hospitality, Essex hospitality marketing agency, provides a variety of services that can market your wedding venue and increase your overall revenue. For more information, get in touch with our hospitality PR team today.

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