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Zizzi – Chelmsford, Essex

Zizzi – Chelmsford, Essex

Date: Saturday 3rd August 2019.
Time: 12.00
Venue: Zizzi, Chelmsford, Essex.


Fonduta Formaggi
Classic Pinoli
Calzone Pollo Spinaci


We recently visited Zizzi in Chelmsford, Essex for lunch and normally we usually steer away from chain restaurants as we feel you usually get a better overall experience from independent run eateries. However, being hungry for pizza and pasta Zizzi sounded like an appealing option.

When we first walked up to the restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly waiter who asked if we wanted to sit inside or outside. We decided to eat al fresco as it was a nice sunny day.

Our waitress introduced herself and let us know that she was new and it was her first day. She was very friendly and chatty which made up for the obvious lack of knowledge of the menu, something that can’t be helped due to her being new. Every question that she couldn’t answer she would go and find out for us, which we thought was good customer service.

We ordered our food and a couple of drinks, surprisingly our food arrived before our drinks and we had to check with a waiter that our order hadn’t been forgotten, sure enough, after prompting, our drinks arrived.

The Food

We shared a starter of Fonduta Formaggi, or dough balls with a cheese fondue dip. The cheese was molten hot, there was no warning of the temperature and my colleague unfortunately burnt her tongue, overall the starter was good but could have been made better with some acidity or sweetness on the dish; a pickle or chutney maybe? We ordered some balsamic vinegar to dip the bread and continued to enjoy the dish.

When our mains arrived, they looked great! The Classic Pinoli was delicious it was a stone baked pizza with goats’ cheese, mozzarella, caramelised balsamic onions, sun blush tomatoes, pine nuts, riserva cheese and basil. The flavours were classic and familiar, the pizza was well balanced considering the flavours are quite punchy on their own. Overall it was a great pizza that felt light to eat.

The Calzone Pollo Spinaci looked fantastic, a pizza folded in half and baked garnished with four generous cuts of crispy coppa ham. The Calzone consisted of roast chicken, speck, spinach, mushrooms and thyme with an oozy mozzarella and bechamel sauce. If I am to be completely honest this dish massively lacked in flavour, if you want a gooey stretchy cheese video for your Instagram then I would recommend this, however if you want something that tastes sensational then this is not the way to go. All the flavours just seemed to blend into one. It is served with a little pot of sweet red sauce which carried more flavour than the calzone itself, overall this dish was very underwhelming.

Three words to describe this meal – Could be better.

Would you recommend to a friend – I would yes. Although we felt there were places the meal could have been better, it is a chain restaurant and the staff clearly did the best with what they had. The portions were generous, the staff were friendly and the price was reasonable. This restaurant is never going to blow your mind and will definitely never beat your Italian mammas’ cooking; however, it will deliver an Italian dish better than some of its competitors


Service 7/10
Venue 7/10
Value for money 7/10
Quality of produce 7/10
Presentation 6/10
Taste 6/10
Wait time 6/10

Overall score 6.5/10

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