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Distrikt Coffee – Berlin, Germany

Distrikt Coffee – Berlin, Germany

Date: Thursday 15thAugust 2019.
Time: 14:30
Venue: Distrikt Coffee, Berlin, Germany


Avocado on Toast With Poached Eggs, Cherry Tomato’s and Seasoning
Poached Eggs on Toast, With Smoked Salmon and Thyme


Upon arriving at our hotel, after a long and uncomfortable flight, my friend and I decided to head out somewhere for lunch. Scouring through Instagram, we quickly stumbled across a indie looking coffee shop called Distrikt Coffee.

After swooning over the mouth-watering dishes that filled their Instagram feed, we headed down the road towards Distrikt Coffee. Upon walking inside, we were taken aback by how lovely the venue looked; with copper hanging lights and marble tables it certainly lived up to its Instagram appearances.

At 2:30, it wasn’t very busy and were quickly seated near the entrance. We ordered our coffees and mulled through the menu. The coffees were perhaps the smoothest latte’s I have ever drank, with no additional sugar required to dull the usual overpowering flavour.

Once we had chosen our food, we waited for the waitress. Despite the café not being too busy, the service was relatively slow as we waited another 15 minutes to order our food. However, once our order was taken, our food was quickly brought out.

Despite how quickly the food was brought out, it was piping hot all the way through. The poach eggs were boiled to perfection and complimented the salmon and avocado we had on each of our toasts. While the portions did look relatively small, we were surprised how filling they were. Overall, we were incredibly happy with our experience at Distrikt coffee and would be more than happy to return here if we were ever back in Berlin.

Three Words To Describe This Meal – Filling, Affordable, Beautifully Presented

Would You Recommend To A Friend? – Absolutely. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. Each component of the dish was made to perfection and I would visit here again, should I ever find myself in Berlin in the future.


Service – 8/10
Venue – 9/10
Value For Money – 9/10
Presentation – 9/10
Taste – 9/10
Wait Time – 7/10

Overall Score: 8/10

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