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Hospitality Social Media Marketing for Your Hotel

Hospitality Social Media Marketing for Your Hotel

Booking a trip away or a city break has changed significantly over the years. Gone are the days of having to rely on a travel agent to find you the best deals. Instead most people do their own research looking at social media platforms and booking websites to create their own unique trip away. Sites such as Airbnb and booking.com allow individuals to search for the best deals themselves. It’s not just these purpose-built websites and apps that are beneficial for hotels when it comes to marketing themselves and obtaining more bookings. By having a strong hospitality social media marketing strategy; a hotel could attract new guests just from an Instagram or Facebook post.

Play to your strengths

If you know that your hotel has great facilities or even just an amazing view, using visuals for your followers to see exactly what you have to offer could be enough for them to book a room at your establishment. A great way to attract future guests is to showcase your restaurant or bar at the hotel. By showing off your staff and amazing food and drink; not only will it provide you with incredible content for social media but it will also entice an extended audience to your hotel in the form of food and drink lovers.

Promote your social media marketing

Using Facebook paid ads or boosting posts on Instagram is a cheap way to reach a targeted audience with your content. When designing an ad for Facebook or Instagram it is important to remember that the content needs to fit its purpose. If you are looking to increase engagement then the advert will need to stand out to your audience without being a sales pitch.

The team here at VB Hospitality have the expertise to successfully execute social media marketing for hotels. If you feel that you could benefit from professional support then contact our team today.

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