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Investing in a Restaurant PR Agency Before Brexit

Investing in a Restaurant PR Agency Before Brexit

It is looking more certain than ever before that come October 31st the UK will be leaving the EU with no deal. Boris Johnson continues to charge on with his plans; causing the public and businesses to panic. Stockpiling has been reported and businesses are frantically trying to find ways to stay afloat during this time of uncertainty. One industry that is reported to feel the bite of Brexit is the hospitality sector. There have been estimates recently that the value of the UK’s eating out market will suffer a drop of at least £3.4 billion in 2020; pushing as far as £5.4 billion. With all the doubt surrounding a no deal Brexit it is difficult for restaurants to know what move to make next. However, this could be the perfect time to invest in a restaurant PR agency.

Many restaurants and hospitality businesses are going to be looking at where to make cutbacks; should the worst is to happen and Brexit disrupts trade. Having a plan in place for a ‘deal or no deal’ situation is vital for the success of your business. With this in mind, VB Hospitality, hospitality marketing in Essex, reveal why now is the crucial time to invest in a restaurant PR agency.

Don’t follow the crowd

Many businesses and brands become household names off the back of running their own course by becoming their own entirety and not following the crowd. While many restaurants will tighten purse strings in areas such as brand exposure, the ones that are looking at ways to flip Brexit into something positive will look at restructuring finances entirely and will put more into their hospitality marketing and PR budget. This will ensure that during Boris’ Brexit Blunder these innovative restaurants will be in the mind of the public looking to spend their money on eating out; meaning that they will capitalising on what the majority of their competitors will see as a negative time for the industry.

Prepare For The Unexpected

When it comes to Brexit, it’s always good to plan for the unexpected. Whether we leave with a deal or not, it’s vital to have to the appropriate plans in place to help deal with the fallout of October 31st.

A restaurant PR agency is the best way to prepare your business for Brexit. Whether it’s getting more customers through your door or increasing your customer perception; we’re here to help.

At VB Hospitality, we will ensure that your restaurant is being featured in publications and remains at the forefront of the consumers’ minds; especially during this uncertain time. If you want any more information contact our friendly team today on 01376 386850.

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