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VB Hospitality Discuss TGI Fridays Chelmsford.

VB Hospitality Discuss TGI Fridays Chelmsford.

It seems that TGI Fridays is set to open a new restaurant in Chelmsford, Essex towards the end of this year. The popular American style restaurant is said to be replacing the old Argos store in the town centre and could be open as soon as Christmas 2019.

With this exciting news, our hospitality marketing team in Essex are taking a look at TGI Fridays rise in the UK; and what has made them such a popular restaurant chain.

Talking TGI Friday’s

Our Essex based team have ten years’ experience in hospitality PR and marketing, so they know how important it is to gain great restaurant brand exposurein the U.K. This is something that TGI Friday’s has managed to do since its UK launch back in 1986.

Although the restaurant chain has been in the UK for thirty-three years it has gone through some big changes and has come a long way from the cheesy American diner it once was.

Back in 2008 TGI Fridays carried out a complete rebrand in an attempt to ‘grow up’. One of the key things they stopped was the playful advertising which cheapened the brand. They felt that the best way to gain brand exposure was through hospitality public relations and word of mouth.

The money saved on advertising was reinvested into staff training making the restaurant chain one of the front runners in the Best Places to Work Awards. The rebrand also opened up an opportunity to lose its reputation as a restaurant for kid’s birthday parties and focused on treating all their guests as adults. This meant that they could recreate the entire experience; throwing out the balloons (which was costing nearly £100k a year in helium) and focusing more on a bar theme.

Outsourcing To A Hospitality Marketing Agency

Our hospitality marketing team in Essex, are able to assist you through the entire process of a restaurant rebrand; from concept to execution; right through to the required brand exposure. Contact our team today on 01376 386850 for more information.

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