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How To Achieve A Successful Distillery Marketing Strategy

How To Achieve A Successful Distillery Marketing Strategy

As a nation, it’s no secret we love to drink. In fact, this year saw independent distilleries rise in popularity among consumers; with more people actively seeking out new products instead of those on the shop floors.

But when it comes to marketing your independent distillery, many can find it incredibly overwhelming; especially with the sheer amount of competition within the industry. With this in mind, VB Hospitality, Essex alcohol marketing agency, reveals the top three things your brand needs to achieve a successful distillery marketing campaign.

Social Media

These days, it’s impossible to deliver a successful hospitality marketing campaign without using social media. Having a distillery social media marketing campaign is essential to increase the consumer awareness of your brand. Through a series of engaging social media posts, you’ll be able to help your brand stand out from competitors and increase sales.


Promoting your business in industry relevant publications is a great way to improve your brand awareness. When it comes to distillery PR, consistently securing your brand in the right publications will not only drive the right audience to you but help take your business to the next level by increasing enquiries and orders.


Building upon the previous point, having a strong distillery PR campaign is vital for building your hospitality SEO strategy. Getting your brand featured on powerful third-party websites can help promote your business as a trustworthy brand. The link from these websites will help contribute to your ongoing SEO strategy and improve your rankings on search engines; thus, building your brand awareness.

Outsourcing Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes to creating a strong distillery marketing strategy, it can be easy to overlook an important component of your campaign. By outsourcing to a successful hospitality marketing agency, your business is more likely to see an increase in webpage rankings and brand awareness; as well as overall conversions.

At VB Hospitality, we understand that marketing your craft spirits can be difficult. That’s why we provide a variety of digital services to help achieve a successful marketing campaign for your distillery.

If you would like more information about our distillery marketing services, get in touch with our team today.

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