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Shwings – Chelmsford, UK

Shwings – Chelmsford, UK

Date:Tuesday 17th September 2019 
Venue: Shwings, Chelmsford, UK


Unlimited wings Tuesday
Honey & chilli 
Smoked BBQ


Estrella x2
Raspberry and Blueberry Mojito 


Our reviewers popped in to Shwings and took full advantage of unlimited wings Tuesday. Here’s what they thought – 

‘I have seen a lot of local hype on Instagram around Shwings lately so decided it was time to check them out. Their offer of unlimited wings and a beer for under £15 could not be turned down.

The venue has a modern industrial décor with large branded graphics on the walls and tables made from scaffolding. This décor is quite popular at the moment in restaurants and bars and it was well executed here and perfectly in line with their branding. The one thing I would mention about the ambience is that the music was very loud, which can make trying to chat with the person across the table a little difficult. 

My partner and I were meeting friends and they were already seated when we walked in. We waited for about 20 minutes before one of the waiting staff took our order which was quite a long time, the restaurant was busy but not full so this was a little disappointing. Once we ordered we then had another 10 minute wait for our drinks to arrive and the food turned up around 20minutes after ordering.

The Food

The first round of wings we had were smoked BBQ and honey & chilli they were presented nicely with each flavour having their own garnish. The BBQ wings were exactly what we expected with a generous amount of sauce that was smoky with a hint of heat, the wings were a good size and meaty. The honey and chilli wings were by far our favourite. With a crispy sweet exterior and a burst of heat from the chilli they were incredibly addictive.

For our second round of wings we ordered the hoisin and jerk flavours with another Estrella and a Raspberry and Blueberry Mojito. There was a long wait for the cocktail and when it turned up it was the wrong one, we sent it back and waited for another 5 minutes for the right drink, however it was worth it as the cocktail was beautiful and definitely well above average in terms of flavour.

The hoisin wings were delicious and garnisheed with spring onions and cucumber. The jerk wings were really nice, I enjoy spicy food and found that they were the just the right level of spice so that you were still able to enjoy the flavour of the dish.

Overall, our restaurant PR agency had a good meal at Shwings. The food was well presented, tasted great and the price was very reasonable. My only gripes would be the amount of time we had to wait for the food, although the wait staff were friendly, they weren’t overly helpful and seemed rushed even though the restaurant wasn’t at full capacity. I would go back again and would like to sample what other items they have on their menu.

Three words to describe this meal– Tasty, inexpensive, slow

Would you recommend to a friend– I would yes. It is a great place to grab some quality chicken wings and a beer or cocktail with friends.’


Service 6/10
Venue 7/10
Value for money 9/10 
Quality of produce 8/10
Presentation 7/10
Taste 7/10
Wait time 3/10

Overall score 7/10

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