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How To Style Your Food For Instagram

How To Style Your Food For Instagram

Promoting your restaurant, café or catering company has never been easier. Thanks to the rise of Instagram, showing off your dishes so that they cannot be scrolled past has become a staple for restaurant marketing. However, if there’s one thing your food needs to have on Instagram, it is the ‘yum’ factor.

With over 500 million users worldwide, Instagram is a great platform to promote your establishment. But while you may be a five-star chef, but if your food photography is anything but, it can be difficult to get customers through your door. With this in mind, here are three tips from VB Hospitality, restaurant marketing agency, on how you can style your food for Instagram.

Don’t Forget Props

Even food needs props in its photography! Props are a good way of making each dish look unique and avoiding a mass-produced soulless vibe to your business. Adding in bottles of wine or cocktails to your dish can create a vibe about your establishment and encourage others to visit. Even adding wood or textured linen can help make a humble lasagne dish look more authentic.

Size Matters

Despite what people say, size does matter… to food photography. It’s important to understand your food to plate ratio. Too much room on the plate makes your portion size look unappealing, whereas too much can look overbearing. Make sure to style your plate with care and focus on the visually appealing aspects of your dish; not the pattern of your plate.

Straight To The (Focal) Point

Having too many of the same images can leave a sour taste. Instead, try to mix things up by playing around with your composition. While flat lays are usually the best way to show off an entire plate, there may be a dripping sauce that makes your dish look irresistible; something you’ll want to capture in a close up shot.

Having good food photography doesn’t just improve your social media marketing strategy. In fact, good photography can easily be used across all your hospitality marketing efforts to ensure you reach the right audience and increase your ROI.

When it comes to creating a strong food PR and marketing campaign, many businesses within the hospitality industry find it difficult to balance marketing needs along with running their business. At VB Hospitality, Essex hospitality marketing agency, we provide a variety of PR and marketing services to help promote your business that will leave potential clients hungry for more.

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