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Bonvivant – Berlin, Germany

Bonvivant – Berlin, Germany

Date: Sunday 22nd September 2019. 
Time: 18.00
Venue: Bonvivant, Berlin, Germany.

Whilst visiting Berlin our hospitality marketing team booked into the relatively new Bonvivant Bistro, a restaurant and cocktail bar


Sourdough bread from Brot ist Gold
Tomato Diversity from Georg Rixmann
Pumpkin from Isak Gumpert
Old Broccoli “Calinero” from Domane Dahiem


A very modern looking, dare I say, trendy establishment. Bonvivant is laid out in two clear sections, one where you can enjoy a delicious innovative cocktail and the dining room. This layout works effortlessly and offers you the chance to have a drink before and/or after your meal in a comfortable setting.

We arrived early so decided to make the most of our time by ordering a drink and relaxing in the lounge area. The wait and bar staff were incredibly hospitable and friendly, offering us their knowledge of Berlin and where to visit next. The attention to detail the bar staff give to each cocktail makes them look more like chemists then mixologists. They even went as far as to use spray bottles with essence of citrus or aniseed to spray around the rim and on your drinking hand; so that the scent compliments the cocktail.

Once our drinks were finished, we moved to the restaurant’s dining room and ordered from their everchanging menu. Bonvivants’ philosophy is everything I love about cooking food. They source their produce extremely locally and treat it with the respect it deserves to enhance the flavour and hero each key ingredient on the plate. They change their menu constantly sometimes even weekly depending on what they can source week to week; making the dishes fresh and seasonal. In my opinion this is exactly how every restaurant should be operating. It really separates the men from the boys as chefs need a wide culinary knowledge to create delicious dishes with seasonal ingredients.

The food

Tomato Diversity, consisted of fresh tomatoes, chargrilled watermelon, Burrata and basil oil. The dish although simple was executed beautifully with the char of the watermelon adding smoky tones to the dish and the creamy light burrata tying it all together.

The pumpkin dish was beautifully presented ravioli filled with a pumpkin puree served with blue banana, king mushrooms,a courgetteflower and a mushroom sauce. The dish held familiar flavours associated with Indian cuisine such as turmeric or cumin but looked like it could have been placed in a high-end Italian restaurant. The ravioli was cooked perfectly and the blue banana (which I had never tried before) tasted like banana ice cream. Once bitten into it would melt in your mouth. Overall, the dish was beautiful.

Old Broccoli was a gnocchi dish that celebrated the vegetable that most children dread on their plate. Had my mother served broccoli like this as a child I would have asked for it every night of the week. The dish consisted of gnocchi, chanterelles with crushed almond and lemon thyme. Every element of the dish complimented each other brilliantly, was cooked perfectly, and was a pleasure to eat.

The end of the night

The hospitality at Bonvivant was simply fantastic, not only did they show us around the restaurant, they even introduced us to the chef who went on to gift a dessert called Ginger. The dessert was beautiful and was a perfect combination of citrus, rosemary and ginger.

At the end of the meal our waiter came over with three shot glasses and said that it was such a pleasure to have served us. He wanted to toast us and shared a shot with us.

Three words to describe this meal–Delicious, thoughtful, incredible

Would you recommend to a friend– 100% yes. The hospitality we received from the staff was the very best I have ever encountered and I eat out a lot! The food was incredibly considered and although the plates weren’t the most filling the flavours were impeccable. The drinks were creative and well thought out they considered every sense from taste to smell in order to create the best cocktail they could. We will be returning soon.


Service 9/10
Venue 8/10
Value for money 8/10 
Quality of produce 9/10
Presentation 9/10
Taste 9/10
Wait time 9/10

Overall score 9/10

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