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Funk You, Natural Food – Berlin, Germany

Funk You, Natural Food – Berlin, Germany

Date:Tuesday 24th September 2019. 
Venue: Funk You – Natural Food, Berlin, Germany.

Our cafe marketing team recently visited Berlin and on their last day they stopped off at Funk You – Natural Food for some lunch before heading to the airport.


Ultimate Sandwich
Chocolate fudge brownie
Vegan Snickers Cake


Orange Juice
Fire Starter juice


A small quirky looking café, Funk You offer a variety of light bites that are either vegetarian or vegan. 

I placed our order at the counter and took a seat. The drinks were brought over first, the fresh orange juice was exactly that, freshly squeezed from behind the counter. The Fire Starter juice was a mix of beetroot, orange and ginger. It was earthy and sweet with a kick of heat from the ginger.

The food

The food was brought over after a short 5-minute wait. The ultimate sandwich consisted of basil pesto, mozzarella, avocado, tomato, spring onions, salad and pumpkin seeds all housed between delicious soft focaccia bread. It is fair to say it was the freshest and one of the most delicious sandwiches I have ever eaten. Although the filling and flavours are simple on their own, together, they married brilliantly.

The quesadillas came oozing melted cheese, they consisted of turmeric hummus, avocado, mozzarella, sofrito sauce and spring onions. The turmeric was most definitely the dominating flavour with the other elements only really adding texture except from the occasional pop of sweet heat from the spring onions. It wasn’t unpleasant but definitely didn’t blow me away.

The cakes were a similar story to the main, in that one was vastly superior to the other. The chocolate brownie was served cold but still managed to have that perfect fudgy centre and cake like exterior that makes you dive in for another bite over and over. The snickers cake on the other hand looked appealing yet tasted sickly sweet and left a claggy, chalky texture in your mouth that wasn’t pleasant.

Three words to describe this meal– Fresh, quirky, average

Would you recommend to a friend– I would yes. Staff were friendly, I would recommend the sandwich more than anything though so hopefully they don’t take it off the menu. The whole meal cost 30 Euros. 


Service 7/10
Venue 6/10
Value for money 7/10 
Quality of produce 8/10
Presentation 7/10
Taste 6/10
Wait time 8/10

Overall score 7/10

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