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The Importance of Hospitality Public Relations

The Importance of Hospitality Public Relations

It’s been said that around 60% of all new restaurants fail within the first year of trading. This figure is, of course, quite high and there will be numerous factors that account for the failure of a restaurant. It could be argued that one of these factors is the lack of investment new restaurant owners inject into hospitality public relations.

Now, that isn’t the only ingredient needed for a new restaurant opening but it can be a vital cog in the key to success. We understand that there will be a huge number of factors that could see a restaurant fail or succeed. However, by allocating part of your budget to hospitality public relations; you’ll be able to ensure your brand reaches its target audience and receives brand exposure. 

With this in mind, VB Hospitality, hospitality PR agency in Essex; reveals why PR is so important to the restaurant industry.

Hospitality Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms can be a cost effective tool when looking to promote your restaurant. By using dynamic content in the form of videos, images and written word you’re able to create a consistent online presence and reach new audiences. It can take a lot of dedication to grow a social media following to be proud of. Many restaurants will outsource this task to a social media expert or hospitality PR agency; to ensure that they get the best results.

Press Exposure

When restaurants first open their doors, local publications can often be interested in a press release about the new business in the area. However, creating consistent press exposure can be difficult; especially when you aren’t winning awards or working with a charity. By hiring a restaurant PR agency, you can benefit from consistent editorial features in national local and hospitality publications; allowing your brand to reach its target audience in a positive light. 

If you are in need of assistance with your restaurant’s brand exposure; contact our experienced and friendly team today on 01376 386850.

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