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Why Elan Café is So Successful

Why Elan Café is So Successful

If you haven’t heard of Elan Café, where have you been? Famous for its flower décor and famous visitors, the pink-perfect Elan Café is the go to place in London to grab a coffee and picture for Instagram. 

Whilst the venue is perfect; Elan Café is inundated with poor reviews with warnings to keep away. But despite this, people are continuing to queue up for hours outside it’s doors. So how did it become so successful? Our café marketing agency reveals all. 

User generated content.

If there’s one reason for Elans success, it’s the strong social media marketing strategy it executes on Instagram. Elan Café uses a lot of user-generated content to showcase the venues and sell products. This enabled Elan Café to become ‘the place to be’ and further increase brand awareness. 


Elan doesn’t necessarily partner with influencers but it certainly utilises them as part of its coffee shop marketing strategy. Influencers from around the world have visited Elan locations; encouraging others to visit with the hope of amazing food and gorgeous photos. Elan Cafés inclusion of influencers in their cafe marketing campaigns has significantly increased consumer perception. This way, they can ensure they receive a positive response from consumers, regardless of the negative reviews.

Café PR.

A quick Google of Elan Café shows regular café PR articles in the press. While many coffee shops fail to see the benefit of coffee shop PR, a consistent flow of press coverage can drown out any negative reviews and encourage people to visit your establishment.

At our food and drink PR agency, we provide a variety of marketing services for coffee shops across the UK. This ensures your brand establishes itself as ‘the place to be’ and increases brand awareness. If you would like more information about our services, get in touch with our cafe marketing agency today.

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