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The Oak Tree Restaurant, Leigh on Sea, Essex.

The Oak Tree Restaurant, Leigh on Sea, Essex.

Date: 5thOctober 2019. 

Time: 11:00

Venue: The Oak Tree Restaurant, Leigh on Sea.  


Avocado Smash – Avocado on sourdough bread with tomato, coriander and pumpkin seeds. 

The brunch bagel – Seitan bacon, avocado smash in a toasted sesame seed bagel. 

Latte with chocolate soy milk, 

Black coffee, 

Orange Juice,

Pomegranate juice.


Look at the reviews on Trip Advisor and the website and you will be tempted to try Leigh-on-Sea’s vegan restaurant, The Oak Tree. Our Essex based hospitality PR team recently visited them for some brunch.

We walked in on Saturday at around 11 am. It was fairly quiet, certainly less than ten people in the venue. The room itself was clean and well presented. We sat down and were immediately given menus. Our order was taken within minutes and the coffees were quickly brought out. 

The black coffee was exactly as described, the latte, however, was extremely frothy and there wasn’t much fluid to drink. What was there was nice, however. 

The food.

Our food came within a few minutes the Avocado Smash looked nice and tasted as you would have expected from the description, with the addition of pomegranate seeds, which is great for me as I love them. However, there was no coriander that I could see or taste. I was completely happy with this dish, other than there was no butter (or substitute of) on the bread which did leave it a little dry. Nothing major though and overall, I was happy with my dish. 

The bagel however was the polar opposite. It was really sad looking; the filling was so sparse that each mouthful was around 80% bread. The best part were the salted chips on the side of the plate. We ended up taking some of the topping from the Avocado Smash and filling the bagel up. It was a bit of a pointless dish and ticked no boxes whatsoever. Simply more filling would have solved this issue which I can only put down to lack of care as there were so few people in the restaurant it can’t have been because they were busy! 

It’s disappointing because, for example, pumpkin is in season and would have been a lovely addition to the dishes shown. Perhaps the evening meals are better? I feel very conflicted writing this review because the two meals could not have been more different if you had tried in terms of both presentations and taste. I’m hoping it was an off day but who knows without going back, something I would do if I knew this was a fluke but I am reluctant to pay to find out. 

Three words to describe this meal– Confusing, lacklustre, average. 

Would you recommend to a friend– Probably not, just based on the worry that he or she could end up with a meal that is substandard, but they might not. I have never been so split when writing one of these before! This place has so much potential. 


Service 8/10

Venue 8/10

Value for money 7/10 

Quality of produce 6/10

Presentation 5/10

Taste 5/10

Wait time 9/10

Overall score 6.5/10

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