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Milsoms- Dedham, Essex.

Milsoms- Dedham, Essex.

Date: Saturday 5thOctober 2019. 

Time: 15:00 

Venue: Milsoms, Dedham, Essex


Sticky mango & chilli halloumi.

Burrata with San Daniele ham.

Fig, taleggio, dandelion & mint salad.

Strawberry & basil brûlée

Citrus tart.


Situated on the Essex and Suffolk border, in Dedham Vale, the beautiful Milsoms Hotel boasts a modern bar and brasserie which was recommended to our food and drink PR team for either lunch or dinner. Taking the opportunity of a weekend free from the kids, we travelled down the A12 to the hotel and restaurant to enjoy an early dinner.

We walked in and were seated immediately. The waiter told us that orders are placed at the bar. After a short look at the menu, the decision to share three starters and two desserts was made.

I placed the order and we only had to wait about fifteen minutes before all three dishes arrived. The presentation was great and you could see that great care and attention to detail had gone into every dish.

The food.

The sticky mango and chilli halloumi dish was served on a crispy poppadum and definitely hinted towards Indian influence in terms of the spices used. The halloumi was cooked perfectly and wasn’t rubbery or squeaky when you bit into it. The chilli was only slight and worked brilliantly with the sweetness of the mango. The dish came with watercress, fennel and an aubergine riata. The riata was cool and fresh, which helped control any heat that came from the chillies. 

Next was the Burrata and San Daniele ham. I have become a huge fan of Burrata lately and it is appearing more and more in restaurants as a great alternative to Mozzarella. In this dish it worked well to control the sweetness of the ham and the onion crumb. There was no flavour on this dish that overtook the others, instead they all married well together to bring a sweet, yet savoury, mouthful.

We finished our savoury course with the Fig and Mint salad, served with French walnuts and pomegranate. This dish was a combination of classic flavours as fig met walnut and mint met pomegranate. As salads go this was great and it unintentionally worked very well as a palate cleanser, preparing us for our dessert.


The Strawberry and basil brûlée was served with a strawberry compote and a vanilla shortbread biscuit. The top of the brûlée had the classic melted sugar glass that makes that all so satisfying crack when you pierce it with your spoon. The brûlée itself was silky with a hint of basil in the custard, right at the bottom of the custard was a strawberry syrup which worked brilliantly with the basil custard.

The citrus tart was served with an orange and thyme puree, it was sweet with just enough sharpness. The pastry was crumbly and cooked perfectly. Again, this dessert was very well balanced in flavour and surprisingly light.

Three words to describe this meal – Well thought out. 

Would you recommend to a friend – Absolutely! The food was very well thought out and the portions were very generous. Although it was a little bit pricier than your average restaurant the décor and food were of a high standard.


Service 7/10 

Venue 8/10 

Value for money 7/10 

Quality of produce 8/10 

Presentation 7/10 

Taste 7/10 

Wait time 7/10 

Overall score 8.5/10

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