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Tiptree Jam Tearooms, Bond Street, Chelmsford.

Tiptree Jam Tearooms, Bond Street, Chelmsford.

Date:6thOctober 2019. 

Time: 11:45

Venue: Tiptree Jam Tearooms, Bond Street, Chelmsford.  


Bacon and Avocado Sourdough, 

Halloumi and Avocado Sourdough,

Chocolate and berry pancakes,

X2 Latte’s with soy milk 


Tiptree Jam is known worldwide, so it’s no surprise our cafe marketing team wanted to try out their Bond Street tea rooms to see what is on offer. 

We walked in on a Sunday just before 12. We took ourselves upstairs where a waitress told us we could wait 15 minutes and order lunch or stay with the breakfast menu and order before 12. We were happy to order fast as we were hungry. 

The waitress took our order within 5 minutes and our lattes followed shortly after. 

Within a few minutes of this our food arrived. The Halloumi toast was delicious but the bacon was hard and fatty. The avocado on both were exactly as one would anticipate and the chilli jam was delicious, it’s on my shopping list now! 

The pancakes were very nice. The fruit was beautifully presented on top and the amount was generous. It’s hard to wow with pancakes and these were average but as I say, I didn’t expect anything amazing so we were happy with these. 

The only huge criticism I had of the food is the bread was not buttered at all, let alone to the edges and the chilli jam had only been put in the middle. This rendered any toast outside of the centre inedible as it had gone hard and dry. (Image shown.)

Toast to topping ratio.

The food overall was good, excluding the bacon and butter/jam situation.

Would we go again? Yes, but I’d like to try lunch or afternoon tea. It did feel a little bit like someone in a corporation had given measurements of exactly how much topping to put on the bread and not consider things like the size of the slice would affect this. Alternatively, it was just laziness.

Three words to describe this meal– Hit the spot. 

Would you recommend to a friend– Yes. It certainly didn’t wow but it did the job. It was a decent breakfast.


Service 8/10

Venue 8/10

Value for money 6/10 

Quality of produce 8/10

Presentation 8/10

Taste 7/10

Wait time 9/10

Overall score 7/10

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