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1400 Restaurant Closures in the UK This Year

1400 Restaurant Closures in the UK This Year

It has recently been reported that this year has seen a significant number of restaurant closures in the UK. With approximately 1400 restaurants shutting their doors for good this year alone, it is clear that this is an uncertain time for the eating out industry. This is the biggest number of annual restaurant closures since 2014. What’s more; its believed to be a direct result of consumer spending habits in the lead up to Brexit.

With such a high number of restaurants failing this year VB Hospitality, a restaurant PR agency looks at what restaurants can do to ensure success in such a competitive industry.

Brand exposure and loyalty

With the public tightening their purse strings it is more vital than ever to ensure your restaurant has fantastic brand exposure and loyalty. One of the best ways to achieve this is through restaurant PR. At VB Hospitality, a restaurant PR agency, we pitch article angles to national, local and trade publications to ensure our clients are featured in editorial articles that engage the audience.

Hey Google, where shall I eat tonight?

Creating an effective restaurant SEO strategy means that you will be actively increasing your rankings on Google. This will help to improve your audience reach and ensure that people find you online directly when looking for a restaurant in your area. PR is a fantastic tool for restaurant SEO. When your establishment is featured in an online publication it will often contain a link to your website. Google will look at this link; see that it has come from a credible source and your rankings will automatically increase.

Social media presence

Every restaurant should have social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, because this has become normal within the industry you will need to ensure that you are actively engaging with your audience; in order to gain brand loyalty. It simply isn’t enough to post one picture a week and leave the account to fend for itself. You need to be actively talking to your audience and creating content that will call them to action.

If you are looking to increase the brand exposure for your restaurant, we would love to hear from you. Contact our experienced restaurant marketing team today to hear more information on how we can assist your restaurant.

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