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Pergola Olympia, London

Pergola Olympia, London

Date: Wednesday 2ndOctober 2019. 

Time: 15:00 

Venue: Pergola Olympia, London


Halloumi Fries.

Shredded Duck Crispy Spring Rolls.

Ultimate Chicken Bao Bun.


Moscow Mule.

Gin & Tonic.


After attending The Restaurant Show, my colleague and I were hungry and decided to try the Pergola Olympia in London. Some of our restaurant PR team had previously visited the Pergola in Paddington and loved it. 

On first impressions, the venue is very open with lots of greenery and rustic looking tables and chairs, similar to Paddington. We were the only customers there, so as a result, we had a booth to ourselves. Which could have comfortably sat a large group of friends in this space. The way Pergola is laid out is a little different from other venues. There is a bar and choice of two street food stations towards the back. Having decided what to eat, I went to order, this meant going to both the food stations paying separately each time, followed by a trip to the bar.

Restaurant PR agency, VB Hospitality, review Pergola Olympia.
Pergola, Olympia.

I collected the food after a short wait and it all looked very generic. The duck spring rolls looked like the ones that you can get from Iceland at Christmas time; the halloumi fries you could have nearly counted on one hand, and the ‘Ultimate Chicken Bao Bun’ had a bigger serving of chips than anything else.

We started with the Haloumi Fries. It was a shame there were so few, as they were delicious and the sauce that was served with them was incredibly moreish. Overall this dish was by far the best of the three.

The Ultimate Chicken Bao Bun was a disappointment. The chicken was deep fried and tough. I didn’t get any taste of Asia from dish and the whole thing just seemed confused. It was served with a chilli mayonnaise that you would probably find in a Piri Piri chicken shop, which just overpowered the dish.

Although the Duck Spring Rolls looked like they were straight from the freezer aisle of your local supermarket, they actually tasted really good. There was a healthy amount of filling and the flavours were well balanced. I would order them again. 

Three words to describe this meal – fashionable, average, pricey. 

Would you recommend to a friend – I feel like this would be aa great place to have drinks with a group of friends, however, the food definitely doesn’t stand alone and is probably more suited to people who are snacking during drinks. I would recommend going after work or at the weekend as I imagine the atmosphere would be good socially.


Service 5/10 

Venue 8/10 

Value for money 6/10 

Quality of produce 6/10 

Presentation 6/10 

Taste 6/10 

Wait time 7/10 

Overall score 6/10

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