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Provocateur, Berlin.

Provocateur, Berlin.

Date: Tuesday 15thOctober 2019. 

Time: 20:00 

Venue: Provocateur, Berlin


Tasting menu:

Seabass sashimi

Sunshine bowl

Cucumber salad

Teriyaki beef

Spicy beef



Fried prawns

Mixed vegetables

Veal and truffle

Lamb chops


Fried banana

Tropical island



While we were back in Berlin, our hospitality public relations team visited the amazing Provocateur hotel and restaurant following a recommendation from Bonviant Cocktail Bistro. With its very own red carpet entry, the hotel and restaurant have a real touch of grandeur about it. We were seated almost immediately by a very friendly host. It did not take long for us to decide we would order the tasting menu. After ordering it was not a long wait before the courses started coming out of the kitchen.

Our hospitality public relations team started with.

The first round of courses included Seabass ishimi, a sunshine bowl, cucumber salad and Teriyaki beef. Each dish was beautifully presented, the food was Asian and French fusion. The Seabass was incredibly fresh and cut impeccably, the flavour was perfect with the freshness of the fish balancing the tickle of heat from the chilli oil that came with the dish.

Next, we tried the sunshine bowl which consisted of a mix of diced mushrooms, pork, quinoa, spring onions, prawn, chives and coriander. It was served with a side of lettuce leaves and hoisin sauce. The idea is to make your own lettuce wrap using the filling and hoisin. This was a great dish packed with flavour and perfectly seasoned.

We moved on to the Teriyaki beef which was cooked medium rare and sliced thin. It melted in your mouth as you ate it. The saltiness of the teriyaki was balanced perfectly by the freshness of the diced cucumber that was placed on top of each slice of beef.

To finish the first of four courses, we had the refreshing, pallet cleansing cucumber salad which had a delicious vinaigrette made with sugarcane vinegar and sake.

Second course.

The second round of courses came out and consisted of spicy beef, mussels, fried octopus and fried prawns. Again each dish was perfectly presented with a good attention to detail in championing the main ingredient. 

Spicy beef was up first, it was served cold and was extremely soft and tender. The taste reminded me of jerky but without having to chew, the beef melted away in your mouth. There was a nice kick of chilli that didn’t take away any flavour away from the beef.

Mussels are one of my favourite dishes and these little shelled beauties did not disappoint. The broth they were cooked in was spicy and fragrant and was layered with the flavours of Asia. Each bite had the freshness of the sea dancing with the exotic flavours in your mouth.

The octopus was my favourite dish out of the fifteen that were served. It had a light crispy batter that was seasoned perfectly. The meat literally melted in your mouth and was packed full of the natural flavour of the octopus. It was served simply and presented on a bed of greens and chilli.

The prawns were battered and fried, the batter was light and crispy; the meat of the prawn was juicy and flavoursome. The Japanese mayo was out of this world and tasted sweet, I could have put that sauce on anything.

Third course.

Next was our third round of delicious Asian, French fusion. This round consisted of Veal and truffle, Lamb chops, Halibut and vegetables.

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The veal and truffle was served with mushrooms, their earthiness paired beautifully with the richness of the veal and smoky rich notes of the truffle. Each bite was an explosion of flavour in your mouth, my only complaint was that there wasn’t enough of it.

We moved on to the lamb chops which were cooked to perfection. They cut like butter and held all their flavour. With a crunchy caramelised exterior and a juicy rich pink interior, this dish is exactly how lamb should be cooked, a true joy to eat.

Halibut is a great fish that can easily be overlooked, however, this fish was soft, flaky and cooked beautifully. It was served on a bed of greens that resembled Asian spinach. It was a very fresh dish that helped cleanse the pallet from the rich meaty tones of the veal and lamb.

The vegetables seemed like more of a side dish and I’m not sure they stood on their own very well. That being said, they were cooked well and had a good bite to them, which meant they were left to show off their natural flavours.

Something Sweet.

We finished with the dessert round which consisted of fried banana, tropical island, and coconut.

Starting with the fried banana we wasted no time diving into these sweet treats. Now, imagine a banana fritter from your local Chinese restaurant and times it by a million and you might be somewhere close to how good this tasted. The batter was so light and the banana so fresh that it tasted like you could have picked it off a tree as it was. It was served with a delicious banana and jam ice cream that worked incredibly well together.

Tropical island had a nice level of heat from the ginger with pineapple calming the flavour with its sweetness, it was a great balance of natural exotic flavours.

The coconut resembled a panna cotta which was served with a dark chocolate mousse. Again, the two were incredibly well balanced together as the sweetness of the coconut helped to calm the richness of the dark chocolate. 

Three words to describe this meal – Experimental, fresh, indulgent.

Would you recommend to a friend – Absolutely, it was €75 per person so it was a little pricey but when you consider that you are getting fifteen amazing plates of food I feel it is priced correctly. The venue alone is worth a visit and has a hint of burlesque about it but in a tasteful way. The food was well-presented and all tasted great. The staff were perfect very well presented, informative and friendly.


Service 9/10 

Venue 8/10 

Value for money 6.5/10 

Quality of produce 8.5/10 

Presentation 7/10 

Taste 8/10 

Wait time 8/10 

Overall score 8/10

Hospitality public relations.

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