VB Hospitality

Hospitality social media marketing agency.

Hospitality social media marketing agency.

VB hospitality is an industry-specific marketing agency based in Essex, but working with clients globally.  When a potential customer contacts us to ask for help, we design our proposal bespoke to their needs. We believe that all companies are unique and we reflect that in the services and strategies that we offer. All of which are customised to fit not just the business structure and offerings, but also the marketing budget available. 

We offer a wide range of PR and marketing options to suit whatever your company requires. From PR to SEO and design. Today we are talking about hospitality social media marketing. We will be broadly covering why it is a benefit to anyone in the hospitality arena.

Why you need hospitality social media marketing. 

When looking for a place to eat, drink, relax, travel, or anything else in this industry; consumers inevitably turn to social media.  They are looking for inspiration, reassurance you know what you are doing, and ideas that spark a sense of excitement. Social media is very visual so it is imperative that you showcase your company in the best light possible. 

You need to ensure your goods or services are something that your customers really want. Social media is a very competitive world so you need to make sure you stand out and give people a reason to follow you. This is true regardless of who your customer base is. The target market you are approaching will certainly dictate what social media platforms you market upon; however, they are all competitive and they all need dedicated attention to be effective. 

You should consider your customer base when choosing your platforms. If you are, for example, offering a technology that can be white labelled by restaurants, LinkedIn would be an excellent avenue. If, however, you are selling eco-friendly spirits, Instagram would be more effective. 

Unfortunately, the hospitality industry is not one that is essential for many people. You are offering something that is a ‘nice to have’ not a ‘need to have’. You aren’t a gas or phone bill, so people need to understand why you are a ‘must’ and feel that you warrant a payment from their account. 

There are many exciting ways you can use social media to show potential customers that they need to have what you are selling. Whether that be a product or a service. As we touched on above, people don’t want to pay bills but they do want to pay for luxuries. so it’s not hard to make a sale when you know-how. 

Social media agency experience. 

We use marketing techniques paired with psychology to place your company in the line of sight of its target market at the right time, with the correct brand message to encourage sales. We have ten years’ experience in this industry, as a result we know what techniques convert sales, and what doesn’t. 

Our social media team are extremely knowledgeable in the hospitality industry. Whether you are selling food and drink, travel, lifestyle or anything else, it is highly likely we have experience in similar products or services. 

We work with a bank of influencers who we can use as a method of providing your brand with further exposure. Should you wish, our PR team can also enhance your reach with our ‘little black book’ of hospitality journalists and other media contacts we have a relationship with. 

For a tailored proposal for your company, with no obligation, just get in touch with our hospitality social media marketing team to find out how we can increase your online exposure and your profits. 

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