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Hotel Digital Marketing: What’s Holding Your Hotel Back?

Hotel Digital Marketing: What’s Holding Your Hotel Back?

The way you present your hotel online is more important than it has ever been. The hospitality sector is packed to the rafters with competition; if you’ve found your hotel flagging behind others in your area (others that may be objectively worse than yours, in fact) then the most likely cause for that will be the way you’re marketing yourself online. More likely, it will be the fact that you’re not. Get your hotel digital marketing on track now.

Social Media Marketing For Hotels Really Is The Way.

We live in a consumer culture where there’s an abundance of choice. One of the only ways in which you can consistently stand out amidst a sea of similarity is to market yourself properly online on the various social media sites now at our disposal. The hospitality industry has always been and will always be about comfort, indulgence and pleasure for the consumer. Whether that pleasure be from food, drink or a particularly nice place to stay, it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is the proper utilisation of the tools at your disposal so as not to be “just another hotel”.

The hotel industry is something that naturally lends itself to a visual medium such as Instagram. So, if you have a well-curated Instagram account properly displaying the comforts of your hotel then you’re more likely to make a lasting impression. Let’s not forget, first impressions are by far the most important! If you pair that bespoke curation with consistent posting, then you’re onto a winning formula. If this is part of the business that you feel you’d struggle to maintain to a high standard, then you can outsource the workload easily enough! Our hotel marketing agency, VB Hospitality, will help in this situation and boost engagement with your hotel.

Hotel SEO: You’ve Got To Be Seen To Be Stayed In.

Another thing that often hamstrings a hotel is a poor ranking on internet search engines. You can have the most luxurious 5-star hotel in the world but if it’s not amongst the first few search results on a search engine then it counts for very little. By adopting hotel SEO techniques; whether that be paid or organic, your hotel stands to be found much higher on the search engine results. Hotel SEO techniques require a pro-active upkeep and monitoring as it’s something that’s very dynamic and always changing.

It may seem like a somewhat underhand tactic for getting ahead in the industry; but it’s guaranteed that anyone in the sector that’s worth their salt, is utilising hotel SEO and hotel digital marketing and has been doing so for quite some time. Funnily enough, these hotels are likely to be the ones you’re looking to emulate in terms of success within your business. To not use SEO in 2019 would be like trying to scale a wall of ice with your bare hands when there was a ladder right beside you.

The Blog Is Still Alive, And It’s Kicking.

A well-structured thought-piece which organically incorporates SEO keywords can be as effective as PPC. It’s also usually less annoying or irritating for the customer. That being said, peppering your keywords into your blog post at random undermines the validity of your blog post as it will read poorly. Likewise, using them excessively will hinder your potential hotel SEO gains. There comes a certain point where search engines such as Google figure out what you’re doing. They’re clever like that.

It’s worth acquiring a content creator or SEO specialist for your team; their job is to strike that balance between organic creativity and tangible results. The blog/article itself can be on a whole host of different topics so long as there’s a general thread linking it back to the hospitality sector; and that you remember to slot in those hotel SEO terms. A good content creator will write copy for you that reads as seamlessly as possible; you should have no clue that there’s something else being done at the same time.

If you’ve read this and feel your hotel would benefit from the help of a hotel marketing agency, give our friendly team here at VB Hospitality a call today on 01376 386850.

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