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Food And Drink PR: The Rise Of The Bottomless Brunch

Food And Drink PR: The Rise Of The Bottomless Brunch

Until recently I was unaware of the phenomenon of Bottomless Brunch. Now that I know about it, I don’t think there’s ever been a premise that I’ve liked more. Today, if you go to any of the UK’s major cities, you’ll find restaurants that offer bottomless brunch options without too much difficulty. Their increase in popularity has been seismic over the past few years. What first started as an entirely American concept has migrated its way across the pond to our shores; for those who aren’t aware, prepare to be amazed by this young upstart of food and drink PR.

For a fixed price (prices can vary massively, though somewhere between £30 and £50 is fairly standard) you get access to a breakfast/brunch dish; something like pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, for example. You’re also provided with unlimited free refills, traditionally of Prosecco; you usually get this privilege for around two hours. Afterwards, you’ll leave feeling suitably soused, and probably ready for a nap. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that bottomless brunches offer a bountiful harvest when it comes to food and drink PR.

Breakfast And Booze – What’s Not To Like?

The concept is simple enough whilst also still being a relatively novel idea for the UK public. The combination of two things that Brits love, breakfast and booze, mean that bottomless brunches are an incredibly accessible and appealing concept. Add the fixed price on top of those already-winning factors and the bargain-hunter housed deep inside every one of us awakens; feeling the need to get the very most out of their money. The growth of the bottomless brunch also coincides with the increase of brunch culture more generally in the UK. Restaurants such as Bill’s and Boston Tea Party have been at the forefront of the burgeoning British brunch culture. It’s been astute of restaurants in similar veins, therefore, to offer this relatively new concept of bottomless brunch in what is an already comparably new culture.

Bottomless brunches are also fantastic for both a restaurant’s food and drink PR. There are few things more aesthetic, trendy, or ripe for plastering over Instagram than a group of friends taking snaps of their avocado and scrambled eggs on sourdough toast, before subsequently boomeranging their glasses of Prosecco clinking together. Bottomless brunches provide these establishments the perfect restaurant and café marketing to grow their social media. They also offer the opportunity to be seen as one of the trendier eateries around town. 

The Increase In Variety: More Food, More Drink.

Gone are the days where the only glasses you’d find at a bottomless brunch were fancy champagne flutes full to the brim with Prosecco or mimosas. There’s now a wide array of different bottomless brunch options, ranging both in the drinks offered but also differing in the style of cuisine provided as well. You can now find martinis, rum punch, and gin and tonic bottomless brunches.

They are also now extending to the more traditionally ‘masculine’ part of the food and drink sector. Pubs, burger-bars, and hipster brasseries swimming in plaid have all started to offer bottomless brunch options comprising of bar-food and beer. At ‘The Draft House’ chain in London, for example, they’re making the most of their craft beer marketing and £30 will get you an ‘epic burger’ and ‘unlimited bubbles or beer’; so now the bearded lumberjacks can get the same privilege! It’s not just the food and drink that’s changing, themed bottomless brunches are becoming more common. Comedy club brunches offering beer and chicken wings as well as comedy gigs. Brunches with accompanying male strippers, and even ‘90s themed bottomless brunches are all variants that have cropped up over the country.

Is The Bottomless Brunch Here To Stay?

Though not exclusively, bottomless brunches tend to take place on weekends or Fridays, they’re something to look forward to in the same way you might look forward to a night out, except they’re a bit more cultured! They’re generally competitively priced for how much you’re getting in return and fill a gap in the market for those wanting a slightly more fun meal out without having to commit to ruining your body-clock for the next few days. These gatherings are getting more and more popular here in the UK, and don’t seem to be showing any sign of slowing down; so without further ado, bottoms up!

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