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The Estuary, Leigh on sea

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Date: Saturday 26thOctober 2019.  Time: 12.00 Venue: The Estuary, Leigh on sea.  Menu:  Kids Full English Kids Pancakes Halloumi Fries Duck Salad Goats Cheese Salad Review:  Our restaurant PR agency team often visit restaurants around the southeast and write up about their experiences. After a short walk along ‘The Broadway’ in Leigh-on-Sea with my partner … Read moreThe Estuary, Leigh on sea

Hotel Digital Marketing: What’s Holding Your Hotel Back?

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The way you present your hotel online is more important than it has ever been. The hospitality sector is packed to the rafters with competition; if you’ve found your hotel flagging behind others in your area (others that may be objectively worse than yours, in fact) then the most likely cause for that will be … Read moreHotel Digital Marketing: What’s Holding Your Hotel Back?

Alcohol marketing campaigns.

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Planning a creative campaign that sells distilled or craft spirits can be challenging. Not only do you need to place your brand in front of the right audience, but making them feel like a valued customer is a must.  With this in mind, our hospitality marketingteam reveals three campaigns that will inspire your marketing efforts.  Jim … Read moreAlcohol marketing campaigns.

How Can Food and Drink PR Benefit Your Business

A business is only as good as its reputation and in the hospitality industry this could not be more accurate. Restaurants, bars and caterers all rely on a great reputation in order to attract customers through the door. Word of mouth is by far the most powerful marketing tool you can hope for. However, in … Read moreHow Can Food and Drink PR Benefit Your Business

1400 Restaurant Closures in the UK This Year

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It has recently been reported that this year has seen a significant number of restaurant closures in the UK. With approximately 1400 restaurants shutting their doors for good this year alone, it is clear that this is an uncertain time for the eating out industry. This is the biggest number of annual restaurant closures since … Read more1400 Restaurant Closures in the UK This Year

Pergola Olympia, London

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Date: Wednesday 2ndOctober 2019.  Time: 15:00  Venue: Pergola Olympia, London.  Menu:  Halloumi Fries. Shredded Duck Crispy Spring Rolls. Ultimate Chicken Bao Bun. Drinks: Moscow Mule. Gin & Tonic. Review:  After attending The Restaurant Show, my colleague and I were hungry and decided to try the Pergola Olympia in London. Some of our restaurant PR team had … Read morePergola Olympia, London

Our First London City Guide

With its world-class restaurants, luxury shopping districts and iconic skyline, it’s no surprise that London is one of the most loved cities in Europe.  If you’re thinking of heading into London for the weekend, finding something to do can be overwhelming. That’s why our hospitality marketing agency have created a mini-guide to help inspire your next … Read moreOur First London City Guide

Why Elan Café is So Successful

If you haven’t heard of Elan Café, where have you been? Famous for its flower décor and famous visitors, the pink-perfect Elan Café is the go to place in London to grab a coffee and picture for Instagram.  Whilst the venue is perfect; Elan Café is inundated with poor reviews with warnings to keep away. … Read moreWhy Elan Café is So Successful

The Importance of Hospitality Public Relations

It’s been said that around 60% of all new restaurants fail within the first year of trading. This figure is, of course, quite high and there will be numerous factors that account for the failure of a restaurant. It could be argued that one of these factors is the lack of investment new restaurant owners … Read moreThe Importance of Hospitality Public Relations

VB Hospitality Talks – Essex Catering marketing

The catering industry is worth billions in the UK and spans from supplying a humble hog roast to a venue full of guests, right through to a fine dining experience brought to the comforts of your own home. It has become an increasingly popular option for chefs; as it gives them a new set of … Read moreVB Hospitality Talks – Essex Catering marketing